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Complete Form TSP-77 and mail it to the TSP. Your request cannot be processed until your agency submits confirmation of your separation to the TSP. Go on to Form TSP-77 1/2008 PREVIOUS EDITIONS OBSOLETE GENERAL INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS If you have separated from Federal service you can use this form to request a one-time-only withdrawal of part of your vested account balance. THRIFT SAVINGS PLAN TSP-77 REQUEST FOR PARTIAL WITHDRAWAL when separated Participants who are separated from...
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TSP Eligibility Statement TSP Eligibility Statement Eligibility As of September 25, 2018, the following people have met the requirements of the TSP for eligibility. All of these members have made service before June 25, 1978. All of these members must have been separated from Federal service as a result of an early retirement, disability or death. For example, a TSP member who separated from service after February 28, 1978, and before November 30, 1987, must also meet the eligibility requirements before December 31, 1991. Surviving spouse of an active participant Spouse of a deceased active participant Eligible surviving spouse or eligible former spouse who is a TSP participant and was separated from military service at least 60 days prior to death, disability or separation. Former spouse of a participant Divorced spouse and not living with surviving spouse to whom the noncustodial parent would have become obligated Surviving parent who is separated from military service and divorced from surviving spouse to which the divorced parent would have become obligated Parent who is separated from military service and divorced from dependent child to which the divorced parent would have become obligated Spouse of a service member under age 40 Married with dependent child, age 40 or younger Divorced parent whose sole obligation was to provide for child Divorced parent and former spouse Spouse of a service member with a disability rated as 1 star, or permanent impairment (if a married couple, the husband and wife would have been separated) Surviving spouse of a service member who dies of a service-connected injury (service connection = service-connected disability) Surviving spouse of a service member with a disability rated as 2 star, or permanent impairment (if a married couple, the husband and wife would have been separated) Unmarried parent of dependent child or child under age 23 (but no dependent children) Child under age 22 with service-connected disability rated as 1 star or permanent impairment Unmarried parent of dependent child with service-connected disability rated as 2 star or permanent impairment under age 22 Children aged 6 through 14. Dependents of the qualifying deceased service member, or Children under age 15 whose parent is separated under a separation order.

Who needs a form TSP-77?

This is a request for a one-time partial withdrawal from a Thrift Savings Plan account. Federal employees of civil and uniformed services have a right to withdraw $1000 or more when they vacate their posts. Instructions inside these forms contain a list of characteristics that eliminate applicant’s eligibility for a one-time withdrawal. They are as follows:

  • Applicant’s vested account balance is less than $1000

  • Applicant has made a partial withdrawal already. A second withdrawal is not allowed.

  • Previously, an age-based in-service withdrawal was made

  • An applicant considers re-hiring after separating from Federal service (in case a break lasted less than 31 days).

What is form TSP-77 for?

Form TSP-77 is one of the options for money withdrawal from a TSP account. This form helps applicants who are willing to keep the account. They have an opportunity to obtain a necessary sum without full withdrawal (which is a better option in some cases). To learn more about other options for money withdrawal, visit the TSP’s official website.

Is it accompanied by other forms?

It doesn’t require any attachments.

When is form TSP-77 due?

Applicants are free to request partial withdrawal whenever they want, except for the above-described circumstances. There is no due date for filing form TSP-77.

How do I fill out a form TSP-77?

There are two pages with a detailed questionnaire. Answers to these questions must be complete, honest, and up-to-date. Payment transfers must be revised by the recipient financial institution.

Where do I send it?

The TSP office accepts form 77 by mail or online. Make a copy for you records and send the original to:

Thrift Savings Plan

P.O. Box 385021

Birmingham, Al 35238

Or fax it to 1-866-817-5023.

How's it going everyone my name is dark IASI of the owner of a Fosse financial group today's topic I want to discuss with you Thrift Savings Plan Robby, so first I want to talk about what exactly is their savings plan and why may somebody want to roll over there thrift savings plan into some sort of IRA contract so what happens is an individual works for a company works for a federal agency just like if they work for a private company that same individual might be offered something known as a 401k plan, or I'm a public institution would be a 4 through D plan adverse savings plan is offered to governmental federal employees, so the agency would be offering that TSP through our savings plan our variation of the work you know that they use but essentially what happens is individual that's working here by year is able to now contribute their dollars that they earned and contribute a portion of it into a certain retirement account kind of think of this like a retirement bucket now it doesn't matter how much money they're actually placing into that bucket obviously if you're placing more money into the bucket you think that that bucket will reel larger at the end of the day at the end of the year the other factor that you have to also consider is what is the percentage return that this individual is also going to be receiving so if they're placing dollars in there but the funds that they choose within that their savings plan come back negative then honestly that buckets going to be small at the end of the day at the end of the year, so individuals could go and place a million dollars into their bucket but if you have a 90 percent loss into their plan then obviously you're going to have a 90 percent drop you're only going to have a hundred thousand dollars left at the end of the day, so there are certain negatives with the Thrift Savings Plan with individuals leaving their money in a thrift savings plan where they should be rolling it over now this is only for the correct individuals though the ones that pertain to these specific situations if not then my recommendation was definitely the staple to stay exactly put do not try to do a rollover because it doesn't make any sense but for those individuals that are scared and watching the market say oh my gosh I hope for the market keeps up it keeps up you know by the time I retire well there are ways on how you could transfer portions of your TSP monies and roll them over and to us specifically design my contract to make sure that you're releasing those negatives that you're releasing all those worries such as that were market losses such as high exorbitant amount of fees such as outliving that bucket of mind, so these are different things you can mold and could be accomplished through a Thrift Savings Plan rollover essentially when individuals go, and they place dollars into this Thrift Savings Plan bucket there was already a small leak at the bottom of that bucket and that leak a little hole in the...
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